The benefits of meditation are well known and scientifically proven.

Those who practice tend to feel a deep sense of inner peace, remain calm when dealing with stressful situations and often their sleep patterns improve.

Yet in today’s busy world many people find it difficult to sit and meditate in silence, alone.

For 20 years we have taught individuals and groups all over the world and discovered the best “way in” for beginners.

The idea is not to completely empty the mind, rather to give it something positive to focus on. After a deep physical relaxation we take students on a “journey” to maximise the benefits of quieting the mind.

“Loved the spoken meditation. Really useful, as found sitting in silence difficult. Very relaxing sessions. I will definitely continue meditating.”

Superb course. Really found the sessions helpful. As time went on I certainly felt myself becoming more relaxed.”

“The course has been very helpful, both in connecting spiritually, mentally and emotionally to a quieter, content inner self and as a means to keep calm despite life’s turmoils. Would like to continue. Thank you.”

Bring some peace and well being into your home, office, company or organisation.

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