Courses run for ten weeks. Each one hour class is split into three parts.

We begin with a non-religious spiritual greeting, such as a Rumi poem, to take the mind away from everyday thoughts and focus attention in the present.

Next, we talk you through a deep physical relaxation.

Then we take you on a guided “journey.” You Said It writes a different journey each week. One week the class goes to a forest or woods, another, to a log cabin or the sea.

Many people find it difficult to sit alone and meditate in silence. Our method of taking the mind on a pleasant journey has proven to be the best “way in” to Meditation for beginners all over the world. We have been teaching for 20 years.

The benefits of Meditation are scientifically proven. Students experience a deeper sense of inner peace, improved sleep and a new sense of calm clarity when dealing with stressful situations.

Here is some feedback from last term’s students:

Superb course. Really found the sessions helpful. As time went on I certainly felt myself becoming more relaxed.”

“Loved the spoken meditation. Really useful, as found sitting in silence difficult. Very relaxing sessions. It has left me feeling I will definitely continue meditating.”

The course has been very helpful, both in connecting spiritually, mentally and emotionally to a quieter, content inner self and as a means to keep calm despite life’s turmoils. Would like to continue in future. Thanks.”

The next group begins Wednesday 9th January. 2019 at 7pm.

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