How we work


1. Fact finding

  • Tell us about yourself, the event or occasion.
  • Explain who your audience is.
  • Describe where you will deliver your speech, the venue.
  • Give us the key points and any important information.
  • When terms are agreed, we write a first draft and send it for your perusal.

2. Review content

  • Read the first draft out loud three times and let us know if you want changes.
  • We can edit the original or create two further drafts.
  • By the third draft everything will be perfect. 

3. Public Speaking Tuition

  • If you are nervous about delivering your speech we help you overcome anxiety.
  • Next to moving house and divorce, public speaking is one of life's biggest challenges. Very few people receive formal training.  
  • Take advantage of 25 years' experience in the business, theatre and television industries.
  • We pride ourselves on sharing the skills necessary for successful communication.
  • When people say, "You said it," you'll be glowing with pride!
  • Applause is good for the soul.