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Public Speaking Training

Speech Writing

You Said It helps clients with the written and spoken word, confidentially.

We create and edit content for academic papers, books, cvs, journals, manuals, speeches, videos, websites and all kinds of presentations.

We also offer Public Speaking Training.


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Public Speaking 




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Why us?

In another life, our director was a professional actress. (see Our story)

Naomi was in Emmerdale for 4 years and played leading roles in the theatre.

In between West End acting jobs, she was employed by the NHS and luxury brands Charbonnel et Walker, Jack Barclay Bentley and Tiffany & Co, where she learned sales and marketing strategies. 

As an Associate of King's College London Naomi edited numerous academic papers, wrote two plays and successfully pitched an idea for an online tv programme that she went on to write and present. 

An author and registered LAMDA tutor, Naomi works with hand-picked consultants to ensure clients’ needs are met and surpassed.

Applause is good for the soul!

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Need help with the written or spoken word?

We provide zingy copy writing and smart editing. We create amazing ads, memorable speeches, punchy pitches and powerful presentations.

The added bonus is, we teach you how to deliver brilliantly, in person or on screen.

We teach you in three hours what professional actors learn in three years.

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If your knees are knocking at the thought of speaking in public, relax!

Learning our tried and tested techniques will help you overcome natural nerves.

With our help you will present effectively.

Applause is good for the soul.

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Copy writing, editing, business pitches, ghost writing, books, academic papers, sales scripts, advertorials, videos, website content, wedding and funeral speeches - we love them all!

Let us take the pressure off.

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